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Chihtsai C.A.A. Shining Hair Mist

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What is it

Shining Hair Mist is a finalizing styling product that gives great shine and softness to hair.

What is it formulated to do

Formulated to provide brilliance and vitality to hair. It is suitable for all ahir types. Adds volume and fullness to hair, while protecting hair color from fading and oxidation. It also leaves hair nourished and smooth.

What else do you need to know

Its ingredients consists of highly hygroscopicfree amino acids inside the Collagen Amino Acids, which can bind with large amount of water, restore the vitality of limp hair and help enhance the volume and fullness.


Hold bottle at a 8-10 inches. Distance from the hair and spray evenly in a round motion. Comb and Style as desired.


Alcohol、Cyclomethicone、Butane 、Phenyltrimethicone、PEG-12 Dimethicone、Decyl Oleate、Propylene Glycol、Collagen Amino Acids、Fragrance、Dimethicone、Panthenol


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  • Size: 6.8oz/200ml