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SHRD Protein Cream

Light as a feather

Secret Language of Rosemary also known as The Herb of Remembrance. Rosemary is very effective for stop itchiness and bacterial infection because it contains excellent anti-bacterial capabilities. Rosemary also helps to prevent aging, enhance heart and brain function and reduce symptoms of balding or thinning hair by boosting blood circulation in the scalp. Aside from health benefits, often other qualities of rosemary make them a very suitable ingredient in our products. Flowers have languages in their own. Rosemary represents consistency, faithfulness and loyalty. In William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, a famous scene was when Ophelia entered the room passing flowers to her family. She states, “There’s rosemary. That’s for remembrance.

Pray you, love, remember.” The specific use of rosemary refers to medieval knowledge of the plant as “the plant that delights in the sea-spray”. Rosemary was seen as a symbol of consistency for its long lasting odor. Thus, we believe Rosemary is an excellent choice of flower to be made into essential oil, It creates powerful protection for your scalp as well as a beautiful long lasting scent for your hair. With these benefits Rosemary brings, we have made Rosemary our key ingredient in our SH-RD series and we believe the SH-RD series is the best product for your hair.

SH-RD Repair Series is designed for those lifeless hair caused by over-processed environment factors.

It contains all the vitamins necessary and protein supplement to provide nutrients to damaged shafts, repairs the damaged hair and restore lifeless hair back to health. To see how to repair your hair at home, go and get SH-RD Repair Series right now to restore and maintain healthy hair condition.


Anti-bacterial, accelerates blood circulation, normalizing effect on metabolism

D-Panthenol (Vitamin B5 Complex)

Repairs & Reconditions scalp and hair.

Every women dream about having a glamourous silky hair . Like the feathers of a swan. SH-RD will allow you to own your own unique piece of pure and feather-like light and smooth hair just like swan’s beautiful feather.

Enriched with herbal Rosemary, SH-RD is a series of products that addresses hair that has been damaged by environmental factors, daily life stresses and chemical services. By in-fusing hair with natural herbal rosemary, multi-vitamins and others, this series of products help provide nutrients to damaged shafts, repair damaged hair and restore lifeless hair back to health.

Thus, SH-RD Hair care Line is the ultimate product you just can’t live without.

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