About Chihtsai


Chihtsai was born in 1978, it’s name comes from Chih (), meaning scented plants with anti-aging effects, and Tsai () meaning glittering and has the same pronunciation as the founder's surname.  


In 1988, the founders Charlie Tsai and Artemis Tsai perceived its potential to internationalize the brand. SHAAN HONQ decided to take over the brand, the founder made a special trip in 1993 around Europe to obtain the inspiration of the brand development. In a bottle plant located in Germany, Charlie and Artemis were surprisedly thrilled by the warmth of Yellow color, thus they decided to adopt the standard colors of Yellow and White as Chihtsai's product line, which represents the high spirit and enthusiasm.

When back to Taiwan, SHAAN HONQ had invited renowned calligraphy maestro to wield the Chihtsai logo, mainly to show the female grace and elegance, aside by the subtitle Yellow Seduction to show the vivid characteristics of Chihtsai.

Chihtsai was created by its Chinese literal significance and the meanings are: Chih: Scented plant with legendary anti-aging effects Tsai: Colorful, glittering, shine, also adopts the surname of the founders Mr. and Mrs. Tsai.

We are honored to present Chihtsai, since 1978, the perpetual Quality-Creative-Professional Oriental Excellence.