Chihtsai Olive Shower Gel 500ml

Chihtsai Olive Shower Gel 500ml

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  • Moisturizing
  • Recovering from Skin Roughness
  • Anti-Wrinkle Activity

Artimisia, the diamond of herbs can strengthen the protection of skin far away from environmental harm, postpone the skin aging. Artimisia's Feature: can soothing, ease pain and improve skin circulation.

Artemisia is one of an assortment of botanical extracts for beauty enhancing.

Provides a rich, creamy lather made up of small, tight bubbles that delivers a luxurious cleansing experience. Added ultra refined elixir from Citrus. Junos Fruit associated with hydration, protection and soothing.

Extremely fine foam with natural.

Scents could sweep the stress and weariness away, leaving skin moisturizing and soft.


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